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6+6 Combo Dewalt 12 Volt 6 Tool and 6 Battery Holders

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This Listing is for a 6+6 Combo Dewalt 12V 6 Tool Holders and 6 Battery holders. This will allow you to get started quickly with your power tool organization. Tool mounts are non latching version, battery mounts are Latching so they do latch.

Battery holders will work on any Ah battery, and the tool holders will theoretically work for any of the Dewalt 12v tools, but note that some tools may not be suitable for a non latching mount.

Take a look at my Store for other Dewalt items I have latching and Quick Pull tool and battery holders, 5 packs, 10 packs, and combo packs

All parts Designed, Printed, and shipped by STT 3DPrintShop. No tools, batteries or screws included. Items in stock and ship same or next day via First Class mail.

Note: These will not work directly with tools that have belt clips, If you have a tool with a belt clip you can simply mount these on a 2x4 to give you the space for the clip.