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8x4 Combo Bauer 20V Tool and battery Hanger / Tool Holder Battery holder

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This Listing is for a 8x4 Combo Bauer Tool and Battery holders, perfect for getting your Tools up and out if the way. Free up valuable drawer space!

- 8 Tool Holders, Quick Pull.

- 4 Latching Battery holders.
- Made for Bauer Tool and batteries.
- Wall or shelf mounted with 3 screws (battery holder 2 screws).
- Slim Version, for tools without belt clips, or you may use a 2x4 as a spacer for tools with clips.
- Quick Pull, Does not latch onto tools.
- Designed in house, and not rebranded.

Listing Notes: STT3DPrintShop is in no way affiliated with the specific tool brands pictured in the listing. Unless otherwise noted Screws, Tools, and batteries NOT included.