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Milwaukee Packout Level and Pipe Bender Holder Left and Right MADE IN USA

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Mounting location
Why should you have to make a second trip to grab your level and your pipe bender when you can mount it to the side of your Packout, this kit will let you do just that. Securely hold your level and a pipe bender or fish rods for rolling transport. Choose Left or Right when facing your packout from the front side. 

Mounting Locations:  Option of Left or right mounting, You choose.

Item Specifics:
  • 2 mounting holes for strong and secure mounting on the side rail of PACKOUT boxes
  • Tested to hold almost every level type out there.
  • Level holder size dimensions 1.42'' x 2.64'' (67mm x 36mm)
  • 1 5/16 (34mm) hole to mount your pipe bender or fish rods.
  • Built to withstand use .
  • Mounting hardware included!
  • Printed in PETG plastic, will not warp in the sun!
  • Designed in house, and not rebranded.
  • Proudly Made in the USA!