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Milwaukee PACKOUT Twist Lock Magnetic Parts Bin Low Profile

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Milwaukee Packout Magnetic Parts Bin


  • Twist Lock, able to be stored and used ontop of your packout, Locks on like the Packout Tumbler.
  • Magnet in base to be able to be used on any metal surface, even upside down.
  • Magnets in tray to be able to hold screws that you are removing.
  • Stores inside your Low Profile Packout case, replaces 1 bin.

Additional Notes for use:

  • Do not use mounted on the wall of a moving vehicle, was not intended to be able to do that.
  • Twist lock was really made for round items, since this is square if you dont lock it on in the correct spot the bin may not be parallel with the packout bin. There is a mark on the bin itself that marks the front, use that mark and the bin will sit parallel.
  • You cannot use 2 bins directly side by side, unless on the full Low profile case where you can fit 4 in total on the lid. For the half size Low Profile case you can fit 2 on the lid.